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"I wanted to wait until I lost weight, or worked out to tone my body more, or whatever my excus

Client testimonials are the best... hearing how this experience has changed their confidence and their life makes all the hard work of building my business so worth it. Stories like this are proof that a boudoir photography session can have such an impact on your life...

What motivated you to have a boudoir session?

My sister has done them in the past and I really wanted to do it as well but never felt like I was enough. I was always bigger, or older or not pretty enough that neither I or my husband would want to see those images.

Heading into a boudoir session, what concerned you most?

My biggest concern would have to be that I felt like all of my imperfections would be highlighted. I am still a bit bigger than what I ultimately want my goal to be, but because I have lost so much weight my body isn't toned at all.

What three words would you use to describe your images?

Beautiful, Tasteful, Artistic

What made you feel comfortable and confident heading into your session?

The hair and makeup helped a ton, the wardrobe choices that Michele and I made, and Michele kept reminding me that she would use lighting and posing to my advantage around my most sensitive areas.

Please share any insights about your thought process leading up to your session, any fears or hopes...

I truly felt like the images would come out as I see myself in the mirror, but with Michele's artistic eye for more flattering posing as well as the use of light and shadows, my photographs turned out so much better than I could have ever hoped for.

Some clients describe their boudoir experience as a roller coaster of emotions. Was it for you?

In the weeks leading up to my shoot, yes. I was emotional about it, but once I was there at the studio, Michele made me feel so relaxed and it was just such a great powerful experience.

What did Michele do specifically that helped ease your anxiety or fears?

Just her calming personality and explanations. She showed me the raw images from her camera and they were great without her having to edit so much out like I expected.

Once you saw the images from your session, what was your reaction?

I was shocked at how great the images turned out. There was one that I didn’t realize was me until I actually looked at it because it was just so great. Honestly, I cannot say enough about how much of a difference the lighting and her posing me in the most flattering positions made.

Aside from your beautiful new images, were there any other positive outcomes from your boudoir experience?

I feel so much better about myself and carry myself lighter. I felt beautiful leaving the shoot with my hair and makeup done, but then after seeing the images and seeing how my husband probably sees me I just have more confidence in myself.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most confident) how would you rate how you felt about your body before your session? How about after?

Before I felt a confidence of about 4 and after I feel about 7 or 8! (especially when I look at the images again!)

Anything else you wish to share?

Michele was so great about listening to where my specific insecurities were and working around them and she has a more artistic approach so, these are images I am proud to show and even create larger images to put on the walls in our bedroom.

What advice would you share with a woman considering doing her own boudoir session?

DO IT!!! I didn't believe that when I heard it from others to just do it, I wanted to wait until I lost X pounds, or worked out to tone my body more, or whatever my excuse was; but it has still been years since I've wanted to do all of that and I have not lost that weight and I still haven't toned what I wanted.

But now I can see what my husband see's and I love myself more for it. I still want to lose the weight, but I see how beautiful I am now too so if I don't lose it, that is okay!

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