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Privacy and Your Boudoir Photos

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

A common question that I am often asked is about boudoir image privacy. In the beginning stages of planning a boudoir photoshoot, it is pretty normal to wonder who will see your images. I take your trust very seriously! I only share your boudoir images if you allow me to.

When you first schedule your boudoir session, you will receive your model release and contract to electronically sign. This document includes your image privacy section where you can select the level of sharing you are comfortable with and this can be changed after your session. Most of my clients feel comfortable with me sharing their images once they have seen them. Your options are "no sharing", "anonymous only" or "full release." You will never be pressured to share your images.

Retouching - I am also excited to share that I retouch and finalize all of my own images so you never have to worry about who is seeing your images before you do!

Watch my video below to learn more about boudoir image privacy!

Learn more about Glamour Boudoir with Michele Johns!

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