Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game

There is something that happens at almost every boudoir session I shoot, and I bet you could guess what it is within three tries.


Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful each and every single one of them is — says something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I understand why it happens (hello marketing and social media), it bums me out every single time.

Today, I’m challenging you to stop the body comparison game, and to do your best to be kind to yourself. Your body is incredible, you are stunning, and there’s not a single person out there like you. So what’s the point of comparing in the first place?

"But, I am not a model. I could never look like THEM."

NONE of the women on my website are models. I work with everyday busy women, just like you. I will help you plan the perfect wardrobe and will photograph you looking SHOW STOPPING GORGEOUS. Just like "THEM."

Why Choose Michele Johns Fine Art Studio?

Boudoir is a very intimate genre of photography. Thinking about booking a shoot might seem nerve-racking, but here at Michele Johns Fine Art Studio, you are more than just a pretty picture. Our studio takes great care to understand any body concerns and help you celebrate your journey. Your session will go at your pace so that your nervousness can melt away and you can actually have fun while you transform into the truly empowered woman you were meant to be.


Feeling beautiful from the inside is what it is all about.

Considering A Boudoir Experience?

Michele is an Award Winning Photographer, Speaker and Published Author

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