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"I was fearful I would look goofy, like I feel I do when I try to take my own shots of myself..

I love being able to share what motivates women to have their own boudoir shoot and what it felt like leading up to their special day and after they have had their boudoir shoot. Below, you will read about one woman's experience and see some of her boudoir photographs.

What motivated you to have a boudoir session? Honestly, my husband was transferred out of state for work for about 2 years and this is one of my attempts to remain close as well as unpredictable. I am a very conservative person so this was way outside my comfort zone.

Heading into a boudoir session, what concerned you most? Since I am a conservative person, would my shyness show through in the photos?

What three words would you use to describe your images? Amazing, bad ass, beautiful!

What made you feel comfortable and confident heading into your session? Not having to worry about doing my own hair and makeup and Michele’s friendly and relaxed demeanor.

Please share any insights or information about your thought process, fears, hopes, etc I was overall nervous, as I mentioned it was way outside my comfort zone but I really wanted to do this for my husband and I. I was fearful I would look goofy, like I feel I do when I try to take my own shots of myself. Once I was in the session though, it was easier to forget the awkwardness of it all and focus my thoughts on my husband and how surprised he would be. It helped me relax into myself and the poses.

Some clients describe their boudoir experience as a roller coaster of emotions. Was it for you? I don’t know if roller coaster would be my description it was more like a downhill stroll. Everything got easier as I went!

What did Michele do specifically that helped ease your anxiety or fears? She had a cheerful and relaxed demeanor throughout as well as she helped guide my thoughts toward my husband and away from my shy self, she informed me of what I was doing well (in my expressions for example) and wasn’t afraid to give helpful tips.

Once you saw the images from your session, what was your reaction? Holy crap!! It was more than I expected or hoped for!

Aside from your beautiful new images, were there any other positive outcomes from your boudoir experience? I like looking at them when I need a confidence boost!!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most confident) how would you rate how you felt about your body before your session? How about after? 5 (average) before, 7-8 after!

Anything else you wish to share? I would highly recommend Michele to anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot. She was very professional but also had a way of making me feel almost like a friend, if that makes sense!

What advice would you share with a woman considering doing her own boudoir session? Make sure you wear something that you are comfortable and confident in, try not to think too much, go with the flow and revel in your own beauty!

Client testimonials are an important way to share with future clients, have a testimonial you would like to share about your boudoir shoot? Let us know!

Michele Johns is an award winning, professional boudoir photographer located in Castle Rock, Colorado, serving clients from all over the world. Castle Rock is 25 minutes south of Denver, Colorado.

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