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"I can honestly say that I have never felt so beautiful in my own skin in my entire life!"

I don't believe anything happens by mistake. I believe we attract our experiences. The women I photograph in my boudoir business cross paths with me either through a friend, a Facebook post, seeing me in a TV interview while sitting in a waiting room or by way of some other divine chance.

I have said before that I am healing behind my camera with each client I photograph. It is true. What I haven't really dove into more is what boudoir does for THEM, the woman in the photographs.

"At 31 years of age with an almost 3 year old and so many insecurities about my body I can honestly say that I have never felt so beautiful in my own skin in my entire life! Thank you Michele for your amazing passion for photography! You have such a wonderful gift!"

I can say after my shoot last year, my life was changed forever. I no longer perceived my body the same way - I was more confident and I FELT beautiful. Like really beautiful. One of my first thoughts was, OH, that's what my husband sees? How freeing and fun that was!

Every client experiences her own emotions, from feeling like a fish out of water to sheer excitement about planning her wardrobe, but all experience a shift in perception about their body. I think it would be impossible not to have a shift like that when you are looking and feeling your best.

Boudoir for me is about a feeling. Of course you may feel sexier in lingerie than sweat pants, but you don't have to bare it all to look and feel sexy. I use breath and movement in my boudoir. I don't say put your hand here and hold it like this.... instead I'll say, "Start with your hand on your thigh and pull your hand up like this and stop when you get to here. When you get there, do this..." I demonstrate. Simple, easy movements are key. It keeps her comfortable and doesn't cause a "What am I supposed to do" look on her face. I remind my clients to just breathe, oh and I usually say something really off the wall and am able to capture a genuine outburst of laughter... that's the best.

A boudoir shoot should be fun and leave you feeling empowered and like a work of art. Interested in learning more? Send me a message :)

Here are some photos from the beautiful client who's quote I shared above.

Michele Johns is an award winning, professional boudoir and headshot photographer located in Castle Rock, Colorado, serving clients from all over the world. Castle Rock is 25 minutes south of Denver, Colorado.

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