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Who should have a boudoir shoot? What is "Boudoir" anyway?

You have probably heard of a "Boudoir Photo Shoot" before and maybe you knew exactly what it was and who should have one. Or maybe you are like a lot of women and think it's just a photo shoot of you in your lingerie when you hit your target weight.

Although it is wonderful to celebrate a body goal with a boudoir photo shoot, it isn't necessary or even the best time to have a boudoir shoot.

That was a bold statement. A boudoir shoot is about loving the skin you are in, embracing and loving your perceived flaws RIGHT NOW. (What is a flaw anyway? Isn't it just something that makes you different? Isn't that a good thing??)

A boudoir shoot is something that enhances the journey. The journey of loving yourself, loving your body and feeling great about YOU. Have one shoot. Have one every year. Celebrate the journey. Have fun being YOU.

Boudoir by definition means a woman's private bedroom or sitting room. We have assumed along the way that a boudoir shoot happens in lingerie. Don't get me wrong, it certainly can. But there is SO much more that you can wear. A t-shirt. A jersey. A tank. Their clothes. A sheet. Nothing. Or ANYTHING. I believe boudoir is a feeling... a boudoir shoot helps you to have a feeling (well many...) and love the skin you are in.

Can you imagine it? Wardrobe is a big part of my shoot so that I can make sure to show off your favorite features and so you will be dressed at your comfort level. When you feel GORGEOUS and COMFORTABLE, it will show in your body language and expression.

My shoots are never just about a woman in lingerie.

My boudoir shoots are about how that woman feels in whatever she is wearing OR not wearing.

Boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN. For EVERY BODY.

Strip away the layers of self doubt and insecurities (dare I say even clothing). You deserve the experience of celebrating you and having gorgeous photos to remember how incredible you felt.

Savor the journey and celebrate your evolution.

Michele Johns is an award winning, professional boudoir and headshot photographer located in Castle Rock, Colorado, serving clients from all over the world. Castle Rock is 25 minutes south of Denver, Colorado.

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