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How the right wardrobe can improve your confidence

Wardrobe is one of the most important elements to plan for your boudoir photography session. You need to feel incredible in what you are wearing, comfortable (I'll explain more on this) and pick your wardrobe to be as captivating as you wish to feel.

This is where expert wardrobe coaching comes in. I have several key questions that I will ask you during your wardrobe planning call that will help identify the the areas of your body you would like to feature and which areas cause you concern. My knowledge of posing from years of experience will help to make sure you feel confident about planning the right wardrobe choices for your session.

DOES IT FIT? I would encourage you to go for a bra fitting, so you have the perfect sized bra – no hanging out or bra bulge! You will want to showcase your amazing wardrobe (lingerie, t-shirts, jersey's ect) that you have chosen especially for your boudoir shoot, so make sure it fits you perfectly and you feel your best in everything.

ULTIMATE DRESS UP I have lots of items like lingerie, shoes & jewelry in my Client Closet that you are welcome to wear to experience the ultimate dress up fun. (I do not provide bras/undies). Some items you will find in my Client Closet are garter belts, new stockings that you keep, corsets, bustiers, and more! If you have any questions about planning your wardrobe, I am here to help you every step of the way.

WHAT IS BEST FOR ME TO WEAR? We deserve to feel amazing about ourselves and a big part of how we feel about ourselves comes from how we see ourselves.

Did you know only 8% of women actually have an hour glass figure?

It might surprise you to know that the way you dress affects the perceived shape of your body! It's fascinating how we can use clothing... colors, shapes, lines and cut to our advantage. But if we aren't careful, it can also be to our disadvantage.

I have created an eBook Guide to Lingerie which covers the most popular types of lingerie to help you make the perfect wardrobe choices for your Boudoir Photography Session that is included with your wardrobe planning for your session.

WHAT ABOUT LOOKING GREAT EVERYDAY? Wondering how to look amazing in everyday photographs? Request my e-book, "What to wear to look amazing in photos."

Also, check out the Facebook Live interview with Bridgette at BJB Coaching, where we discuss this very topic and the importance of loving how you look in photographs.

I offer a complimentary phone call to discuss any questions you have, you can book your call HERE.

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