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5 Things not to do before your Boudoir Photography Session

You have completely stepped out of your comfort zone and booked a Boudoir photography session. You have picked your outfits, decided on how you will wear your hair and how you would like your makeup to look, and then you have all these new questions.

What about showing off my cellulite, stretch marks and curves?

Will I need to go on a crash diet?

What poses will Michele have me in?

I’m not photogenic…

You might feel like you will mess up the whole session, but you will rock that shoot! I will make you feel completely at ease and ensure you enjoy every minute of it.

Below are Five things I recommend you don’t do before your photo shoot…

  1. Don’t go on a crash diet! You want to feel like your true self and we don’t want you passing out half way through the session because you’ve starved yourself.

  2. Don’t start working out 7 times a week. I work with the lighting and will place you in flattering poses and angles that will showcase your true beauty and those glorious womanly curves. We will also work together to get the perfect outfits that compliment your body. I will de-emphasize anything you are self conscious of.

  3. Don’t think you aren’t confident enough! I will put you at ease and we will be laughing all the way through the photography session. The most flattering photographs are ones where you let your guard down a little. You will leave my studio feeling empowered, with a new love and appreciation for your body and who you are, as a strong woman.

  4. Don’t wear something that you don’t feel comfortable in. Try not to compare yourself to other women’s sessions and their outfits, you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. We will start with more coverage, and as the session progresses and you start to feel more comfortable, we can peel away the layers to more revealing outfits.

  5. Don’t worry about how to pose. I know exactly what poses to place you in to get the best shots. You don’t need to worry about a thing. I will guide you every step of the way.

"My experience with Michele was perfect! She immediately got the sense of me and the style that I wished to convey."

- J. Young

"Michele not only makes you feel like a queen, but treats you with the respect and dignity all women deserve!

- T.K.

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