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Why EVERY woman needs to do her own boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir photo shoots are empowering, a self confidence boost and will help you connect with your sexy! It is the perfect way to pamper yourself and feel absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, in our busy lives, we just don’t take this time for ourselves like we should. We are running around in so many directions taking care of everyone else first. Isn’t it time that you made time for yourself? ​In addition to feeling pampered and beautiful, there are other reasons you need to have your own boudoir session:

  1. It’s an excuse to buy cute and sexy lingerie or finally wear the lingerie that has been sitting in a drawer with the tags still on

  2. It is empowering

  3. Encourages you to love yourself and have a new appreciation for your body

  4. You will have a memento of your experience and capture who you are right now

  5. It makes a great gift for the special someone in your life

Also, your boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone like getting engaged, getting married, celebrating a fitness goal or for a self confidence boost. Boudoir sessions are not just for models, they are for any woman wanting to feel empowered, sexy, glamorous, beautiful and confident. Every woman deserves this experience – and it doesn’t have to be just one time. Some of my clients have a session every year to celebrate their journey in life. Boudoir sessions are for working professionals, soccer moms, curvy gals, cancer survivors… women who “always wanted to do this” but thought they “never could.”

Boudoir albums are the perfect way to showcase the beautiful new photographs and the confidence that you will take back into your relationship is priceless. The biggest concern I hear when a woman is considering a boudoir session is “I need to lose weight first.” I promise, you don’t. With the right wardrobe and body posing – you will look better than you ever have. I can do more with posing and lighting than you would think.

Wardrobe is so important and I will help you plan the best wardrobe for your body and session goals (like showing off your legs, or highlighting your tush). When it comes to posing – I have studied posing the female form for years and I am trained to photograph you in the most flattering ways possible. Even if you think you’re “not good in front of the camera” or you live in a pair of yoga pants... together we will uncover your inner sexy and you’ll absolutely love your boudoir experience and gorgeous photographs! Are you ready to feel pampered, beautiful and empowered?

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