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What is Glamour Boudoir with Michele Johns Photography?

When I first started exploring the idea of boudoir years ago and was looking at different images to see what it was that I loved and was drawn to, I quickly figured out what I didn't like about certain images and what I thought Boudoir Photography COULD BE for women.

Boudoir photographers range in style - from sets, wardrobe, lighting skill and posing skill.

I knew what angles I would NEVER shoot and what I wanted MY style to be like. I have always loved the black and white Hollywood Glamour of the 1940's... the style, class and elegance of the era. I knew I wanted to create my own version of that style with my boudoir portfolio. I set out to learn different lighting techniques and studied statues, art and fine art nudes.

I learned how to beautifully, properly and positively pose the female form, being careful not to miss her hands or her expression. (Missing either will KILL a beautiful shot).

Want to know a secret? What most don't know is that I always finish my final digital photographs with a Kodak 1940 film filter finish, whether it is for a color or black and white photograph. I love the grain, skin tones and over all finish that I am able to present my clients with.

My portfolio fully reflects my love of glamour, classic lighting and elegant posing. You will see a lot of pearls, rhinestones and high heels (all available for my clients to wear in my Client Accessory Dress Up Closet©. If you haven't yet, look at my Boudoir Portfolio, HERE.

Whether a client is looking to have a boudoir session for herself to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, is giving a boudoir bridal album for her groom's gift or is on a journey of loving an older or new body, boudoir photography is a perfect way to celebrate. I mean that. My sessions have changed my life. I will continue to have my own shoot every year.

What should you wear? My boudoir sessions don't always include lingerie, believe it or not! Boudoir isn't just about wearing lingerie. My boudoir sessions are about the WOMAN. Her clothing is an accessory to her. I really believe in helping my clients plan the perfect wardrobe - I have specific questions I ask each client during our wardrobe planning to help guide her to the perfect pieces. I also encourage ways to personalize things, more on that in another post.

I write this today because I am excited to own that I am a GLAMOUR BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER. I like to keep things, CLASSY, SASSY AND A LITTLE BAD ASSY. Yup. I said that.

Keep rocking your body confidence and if you ever want to amp things up, kick your body confidence into high gear or just plain want to LOVE YOUR BODY and have gorgeous photographs to look at to remind yourself that you are INCREDIBLE, then we should chat. Seriously. Tomorrow is coming whether you plan something fun or not. Hugs. mj

All text and images contained in this blog are copyright protected and using any part or images within is a violation of copyright. ©Michele Johns Photography

All text and images contained in this blog are copyright protected and using any part or images within is a violation of copyright. ©Michele Johns Photography

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