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The state of my headshot and boudoir photography studio

The past 8 weeks have been interesting and unsettling for the world. Like everyone, I was worried for the health and safety of friends, family, first responders, front line workers and anyone who was affected by the virus. I must admit, the last 2 weeks in March were the worst for me personally because I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening. I was worried about so many things, including my small businesses and how I would survive the shut down financially. I cried a lot and read as much as I could about what was going on.

I knew I had to come out better than before the shut down. I didn't want to look back over that time and wish I had done more, learned more or grown somehow. For the past 8 months I had been working a side retail job to help financially during slow times but it was tough running a full time headshot and boudoir business, a family and a part time job. I wanted to use the time during the shut down wisely, so I decided to take care of me better. I napped. I read. I meditated. I even started running. I leveled up.

It wasn't all roses though. I went through all of the emotions of grieving. We all lost something if not many things and people. I feel grounded in water so I took a bubble bath almost every day. I limited my news watching and my social media exposure. I found me again with less noise.

I spent a week finally setting up and launching my online boudoir lingerie boutique. Sad it took so long because I had my license a while ago but I could never find the time. I restructured how I book shoots and created new boudoir session types. I am SO EXCITED about my business and how I am now able to serve as a luxury boutique brand. I am kinda nerdy that way lol.

I am so thankful as we begin our new normal and that businesses are able to start serving their community again in safe ways. I am thankful for the art orders that I received over the past month and even several online lingerie boutique orders too. Your support of my small business means the world to me and I am truly grateful.

Watch for more details in the next post. I write this to say, stay well. Stay sane. Reach out if you need me or want to catch up. I am here. I am able to serve my community once again and can't wait to catch up with old faces and meet new ones. :) mj

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