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Small Business needs an online presence like never before

I am a small business. This year has hit us and all small businesses hard. We are doing what we can to survive and thrive. With everything moving more to online, our online presence needs to be strong.

One way that I can help as a photographer is to help small businesses create content and keep your images relevant.

My studio is a safe space to create your online images. Want to know more, let's chat!

I have created an affordable monthly plan to help small businesses not just stay relevant but to keep creating their professional online presence.

You can read more about my new Headshot & Branding Monthly Plan HERE. The first 10 small businesses to sign up with be grandfathered in at the low monthly rate of $149 FOREVER.

If there is anything my small business can do to support yours, please reach out to me. Hugs friends. We can do this.

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