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Avoid these Boudoir Faux Pas During your Boudoir Session

Boudoir Faux Pas - What to avoid when planning for your boudoir shoot

Here are some great tips on what to avoid when planning for your boudoir shoot.

Bad Tan Lines/Sunburn – If you have not been tanning recently, don’t tan just before your session. You can get sunburned or really bad tan lines, which are not flattering in photos. Also avoid spray tans since they tend to photograph poorly. (Unless you regularly go and TRUST your salon.... it still makes me nervous though...)

Getting drunk before your boudoir session – If you are nervous about your session, it’s OK to have a glass of wine to rest your nerves the evening before. That said, don’t get wasted before or during your session. This is one of the worst things you can do. Your eyes will be blood shot and droopy and it’s just a recipe for disaster. Not to mention it is just not allowed in my studio. (I would never want you to be under the influence and make different choices during your shoot than you normally would just because you had "liquid courage.")

Choosing the wrong sized outfits – Choose lingerie that is just the right size for you. You don’t want loose lingerie that gives your body no shape or hides your beautiful curves. On the other hand, lingerie that is too tight can be unflattering. Make sure to try everything on ahead of time so you can make any needed size adjustments instead of losing out on shooting that outfit you were really excited about.

Heavy Makeup – We strongly recommend booking with our makeup artist for your session. But, if you are planning to do you own makeup, you don’t want to slather the makeup on too thickly. It’s more about accentuating your natural features and making you feel – and look – stunning.

Forgetting to shave/wax – Always remember to shave or wax any exposed area that needs to looks smooth and sexy. The way that I use lighting to sculpt those beautiful photos will usually accentuate stubble hairs or peach fuzz.

These are just a few of my favorite tips - check back for more tips to help you have an amazing glamour boudoir experience! Of course, if you have already booked your shoot, you will see these tips and so many more in your "Everything Boudoir" email that was sent to you! Happy planning! Michele

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