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Top 10 reasons why EVERY woman should have her own boudoir shoot

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

If you ask me how I felt after my boudoir shoot, I'll tell you it changed my life. I felt empowered, way more self confident and I felt more connected with myself! And I even stopped hiding my body in baggy clothing and hiding behind others in group photos! I am planning my next one right now.

I learned what to wear for my body type and to accentuate my favorite features. Girl, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Since most of my boudoir shoots include professional hair and makeup, you will love how you look afterward and it's the the perfect way to pamper yourself and feel absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention you will have proof to last forever (in photos and memories) of how amazing you looked and felt. Most often, your makeup artist will also be able to fluff your hair and powder your nose between wardrobe changes, doesn't that sound amazing???? It is. ​In addition to feeling pampered and beautiful, there are other reasons you need to have your own boudoir session:

  1. See yourself the way your loved one sees you or the way you have been wanting to see YOURSELF. Boudoir is for EVERY body - you are not too ANYTHING.

  2. A boudoir photo shoot is empowering (and so much FUN!)

  3. Boudoir photo shoots encourage you to love and embrace your body and have a new appreciation for yourself just they way you are

  4. Finally wear the lingerie that has been sitting your drawer with the tags still on them

  5. You'll have the perfect "excuse" to step out of your box and try something new! Want to show your soft and feminine side? Your bold and sultry side? Let's do it!!

  6. You will have gorgeous photos to remind you of your experience (memories fade, your photos won't)

  7. It's the most captivating way to be photographed - right now where you are in your journey and how far you have come!

  8. It makes a great gift for the special someone in your life

  9. Each boudoir shoot is unique, just like you, showing the many sides to your unique personality (bold, romantic...)

  10. It’s a great reason to buy and finally wear cute and sexy lingerie!

A boudoir shoot is great to do any time of year! You might be looking for a holiday gift, or celebrating a milestone like getting engaged, getting married, celebrating a fitness goal or for a self confidence boost, or for YOUR birthday! Boudoir sessions are for everyday regular women like you and I. Especially for any woman wanting to feel empowered, sexy, glamorous, beautiful and confident. Every woman deserves this unique experience – and it doesn’t have to be just one time. Some of my clients have a session every year to celebrate their journey. Boudoir sessions are for working professionals, soccer moms, curvy gals, thin gals, cancer survivors… women who “always wanted to do this” but thought they “never could.”

Think you have to lose weight first? You don't! Posing and wardrobe are key at showing off your favorite features in the most amazing ways. We can do more with posing and lighting than you would think.

Wardrobe is so important and I will help you plan the best wardrobe for your body and session goals (like showing off your legs, or highlighting your tush). When it comes to posing – I have studied posing the female form for years and I am trained to photograph you in the most captivating ways possible. Even if you think you’re “not good in front of the camera” or you live in a pair of yoga pants... together we will uncover your inner sexy and you’ll absolutely love your boudoir experience and gorgeous photographs!

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