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Body Artwork

This is an obvious statement, but I love artwork! Artwork can be in several forms... from a woman’s form & femininity in boudoir photographs, abstract fine art, artwork hanging on the walls to art painted on the body in the form of tattoos.

This year I want to focus on artwork on the body. I am talking body pieces that are incredibly sexy, shows your personality and tells a thousand stories. (No offense, I love small tattoos too).

A lot of women get tattoos because of special moments in their lives or experiences that have led them to choose a certain tattoo, so it has sentimental value.

Society has changed so much with regards to women with tattoos and these days it is accepted and becoming more of a fashion statement. Women are feeling more comfortable to express themselves with tattoos.

I want to photograph these larger art pieces as part of a woman's story and journey in a boudoir session.

If you are inked with a large piece, proud and want to showcase your art, please check out the link below for more details about booking a boudoir session with me. (Fine art nude is always an option with a boudoir session).

Request more information HERE.

Here are some examples of recent photo sessions with lovely tattooed ladies…

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