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"Remove the layers of criticism and negative self talk... get out of your own way."

It is one thing for me to tell perspective clients about what having a boudoir session will be like, but it's something else to hear it in the words of someone who has experienced it. You will learn what motivated her to have a session, concerns she had and how it changed her life. Meet Miss Sunshine...

What motivated you to pursue a boudoir session?

Wow, so much! I’ve wanted to do something like this for years and had no idea that it was even called something! I always wanted to see what I look like done up with professional hair and make up. I also wanted to book the session to celebrate my body because I’ve recently gotten in better shape, healed mental blocks and lost weight.

Another big reason is I wanted to give them to my boyfriend without having to feel awkward about setting up a tripod, or asking a girlfriend, or hiring a male photographer. For me, all the right things needed to be in place, i.e. finding a talented female photographer and feeling good about my body.

When I Saw Michele on the local TV station and I heard her mission statement, I got really excited because I wanted to work with a photographer who is passionate about what she does! I also caught her vibe over the phone, that this is someone I would be totally comfortable with, with or without clothes on!

Heading into your boudoir session, what concerned you most?

What concerned me most was my facial expressions. I am naturally good at putting on a bright sunny smile, but when it comes to sexy glances, I am in the dark. I was nervous my pictures would come out looking goofy, or my facial expression would look like a fake sexy kind of expression. But I also knew that Michele would coach me through the experience and show me how to pose. She was so encouraging during the entire photo shoot that it eased my worries.

What three words would you use to describe your images?

Bold, exciting, energetic!

What, if anything, would have made you feel more comfortable and confident headed into your session?

Nothing- Michele did awesome at preparing me for the experience.

Please share any insights or information about your thought process, fears, hopes...

I really looked at experience as freezing time and celebrating my body for where it is at. For me, being surrounded by Michele and my hair and makeup artist brought back a sense of ancient times when women would gather together to support each other being their highest most beautiful self.

I think the sessions are potent because it’s opening up the conversation about self-love, body image, women coming together to empower each other and being vulnerable is the new sexy. I really looked at experience as a celebration of where life is taking me to end up here… In a beautiful boudoir studio, surrounded by love, beauty and support!

Some clients describe their boudoir experience as a roller coaster of emotions. Was it for you?

I have had lots of experience taking pictures of myself, and having other people take pictures of me, both family for business and informally for fun. I actually feel like I come alive more so when I am photographed. I feel like everything becomes more real. I love documenting progress and pointing out the progress happening in the world, so getting to document my body from all different kinds of angles was more of an emotionally centering, exciting process for me. This type of session gives me energy and gives me inspiration and motivation to keep loving my body.

What did Michele do specifically that helped ease your anxiety or fears?

Everything about the experience was absolutely professional, to the moment I picked up the phone to book my first consultation, to getting emails keeping me in the communication loop, to meeting her and seeing the studio for the first time.

Michele is very confident in what she offers, and it comes across and all of her pictures. I also love to how she helped me with all of my wardrobe outfits and jewelry. It was so nice to have another second opinion to help guide me through my decision making process. She does a great job at putting out a vibe of peace and acceptance.

Once you saw the images from your session, what was your reaction?

I cried. It was a powerful experience to see myself both in action through the moving video that Michele made for me. I have never seen myself with professional hair and make up and I was just overwhelmed with a sense of “Wow! I am beautiful!"

Aside from your beautiful new images, were there any other positive outcomes from your boudoir experience?

I think the sense of confidence that was developed in my photo shoot permeated through the rest of my professional career. I definitely look at myself differently in the mirror now and I feel like now I can claim my beauty and my sexiness without any hesitation. I am beyond excited to gift my boyfriend photos from my session. And my intuition is telling me this is going to be the best gift ever and he is going to love it!

Anything else you wish to share?

The experience was fun, empowering, and transformative. I would recommend this type of experience to all women. I think it’s really important to remove the layers of criticism and negative self talk that we all have, so that we can continue to move forward (with ease) and help others and have a positive impact. You can’t really help others until you help yourself. This is one of those to help get yourself out of your own way.

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