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Inside the Boudoir Studio

I know it can be scary to book a Boudoir Photography Session.

You have a million questions, yet don't really know what you should be asking. You want to make sure your boudoir photographer is reputable, makes you feel comfortable and that the studio is private and comfortable. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I started my journey photographing women because I wanted to exist in photographs looking my best.

No double chin, tummy rolls or squished arms. I started studying how to pose the female body because I knew I wasn't the only woman who felt this way.

I love to teach women how to be photographed better, not just for their boudoir shoot, so they can begin to love being in photographs. It is SO important to #existinphotos. I welcome a chat so you can ask me more questions and get to know me better.

This post is going to help you become more acquainted with my studio. I want you to get a feel for what it looks like, see how comfortable it is for you to have your boudoir photos taken in. I want it to feel familiar to you so you don't feel like it's a place you have never been before with a complete stranger! Who wants that??!

Feeling apprehensive, excited and nervous are normal! My goal is to help you feel more comfortable in a classy, sophisticated, luxurious and feminine space. A place where you feel like you are going to be pampered as soon as you walk in and experience something you have never experienced before.

I have tried to think of every little detail to make this room as glamorous and gorgeous as the ladies who visit it.

I hope you like!

As always, reach out to me! I'd love to hear from you!

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