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Top five questions I get asked before a boudoir photo shoot

I have compiled my top 5 most asked questions before a boudoir shoot. I also recorded a video if you would rather watch that, I'll post below.

1. I am not a model, can I have my own session? Absolutely, the women on my photo shoots are not models they are normal women just like you and I who basically had wardrobe coaching and I got to know what it was they loved about themselves and their favorite features and I make sure I bring that out in the wardrobe and posing and lighting

2. I have no idea how to plan, how can I pull this off? You can pull this off with my help. I have broken it down into steps to get the perfect session planned. We will have a wardrobe planning call where we can talk about your favorite features and I can guide you to the most perfect wardrobe for your body. A little secret is, I will ask you what you will envisage for your session in three words. What three words wrap up what you are trying to embody

3. What does my package actually contain and how much will I be expected to spend? Each package has been thoughtfully created and planned out with all of the things that past clients have asked for. As to how much you spend that is totally up to you, my packages range for $397 all the way to $2600 it depends on the experience you want to have, the amount of wardrobe changes you are looking to have in your session and also the final artwork

4. When should I book my session? The answer is as soon as you know you want one. I do like to book out the session several weeks in advance so that we can be thoughtful in our planning and it doesn’t feel like it is too soon and you’re not ready. 4-6 weeks is ideal but I do book out as far as 6 months in advance.

5. What about my privacy? Everyone you see in my social media feed or on my website has given me permission to share their photographs. They are so excited about them, they love them so much they want other women to see and experience what they have from their session.

WHAT OTHER QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? Is your most pressing question missing? Send me a message and I'll get it answered asap!

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