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Jewelry: Accessories to bring to your boudoir session

Wardrobe is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your boudoir photo shoot, and “wardrobe” includes accessories! The right pieces of jewelry can personalize your photos and add to their appeal.

A few things to consider include:

· A strand of pearls, which is incredibly sexy worn down an open back, draped provocatively around you, or even just held in your hand. Bring your own, or borrow mine.

· Rhinestones or other blingy accessories help glam up your wardrobe and can add a fun, flashy aspect to your photos.

· Heirloom pieces, either yours or your significant others, are one of the best ways to personalize a session.

· This is the perfect time to get out those special pieces that you only wear for fancy occasions. Wear the necklace he got you for your anniversary, or the earrings you wore on your wedding day.

Hair jewelry, fun hats or dramatic head pieces can give you a whole different look and are great for adding a unique flair to your photos.

Together, we will plan your perfect boudoir session wardrobe. Styling and wardrobe advice is included with your session - one of the many included benefits with your session.

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