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Why you don’t need to lose weight before your boudoir session

“I need to lose weight before I book my boudoir session.” I hear this all the time. It’s disheartening to hear how many women let a number on the scale dictate how they feel in their skin.

Ladies, boudoir photography is not about the size you wear or the number on the scale, because your size is not what defines you. The boudoir experience is about capturing your inner beauty, your unabashed joy for life, your genuine laughter, the way your eyes sparkle when you smile. It’s about documenting what makes you your true, authentic self and the love you have for the body that is uniquely yours.

Let me reassure you that with the right poses, wardrobe and lighting, you will not look at your finished images and see your self-perceived flaws. You will see a gorgeous, confident woman whose body deserves to be celebrated.

Before your session, you and I will discuss the wardrobe choices that will best flatter your figure. For example, if your tummy is an area you’d prefer to keep covered, a bra and panty set isn’t the best choice. If your booty isn’t your favorite feature, I’m going to recommend the most flattering shapes and styles. There are so many great wardrobe options available, and making choices that accentuate your favorite features and de-emphasize the less favorite ones will help give you the confidence you need. The proper shape, fit and details can make all the difference.

And remember, if you’re not comfortable in lingerie, you don’t have to wear it to have a super sexy session. Your significant other’s button-up shirt, your favorite comfy tank top paired with some cute panties, an oversized sweater, or you draped in a bed sheet are all wardrobe choices that shoot well.

There are so many different ways I can pose you that will elongate your body and accentuate individual body parts. Legs and back shots can be incredibly sexy, as are those that highlight your stomach or cleavage. Flattering poses are key, and I will show you all the right moves!

My job is to light and sculpt your photos in a way that will carve out muscles you didn’t even know you have, to show off your curves, and to highlight the little details that scream “sexy.” The curve of your neck, the small of your back, the tilt of your chin…these are all little things that will add up to produce a stunning album.

My package choices include professional hair and make-up, and this added benefit goes a long way towards making you feel more glamorous and confident.

You are not defined by your size, so please…don’t let your weight stop you from discovering how incredible you are…exactly as you are…right now.

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