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Why boudoir photography? And why me?

Together, we will uncover your most authentic self and show the beauty that has been waiting to be revealed. Boudoir photography can be magical and perhaps a little life-changing. As you strip away the layers of clothing, you’re also stripping away your layers of insecurity and self-doubt.

My job is to make you feel comfortable as those layers fall away and to capture the magic as it happens. We will laugh together and maybe even cry together as we discover the real you and the fantasy you. Boudoir photography is about so much more than pretty pictures; it’s an experience that will leave you feeling empowered, confident and more comfortable in your own skin.

Having worked with women of all shapes, sizes and ages, I will pose you in ways that flatter your body and highlight your assets. From the tilt of your head to the arch in your back, I will guide you through every step of the process. Yes, taking boudoir photos can be nerve-wracking, but those nerves you feel are pushing you to step boldly outside of your comfort zone.

I’ve created my studio to be a comfortable, private space that will help put you at ease while you learn to press past the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. When you book a session with me, you’re investing in more than time in front of the camera. Your experience includes a pre-shoot consultation to discuss wardrobe planning, introduce me to your personality, and to help me learn about the why for your session. Before the shoot, you’ll be pampered with professional hair and makeup. I provide props, snacks and music to keep you fueled and having fun. When it’s time to reveal your images, we’ll sit down together to select your favorites and create a custom album.

While your plan may be to take boudoir photos for someone else, the experience is ultimately for you. For a few hours in my studio, you can escape the mundane and reclaim your sensuality. I’ll help you expose and embrace the beauty that is uniquely, gorgeously you. mj

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