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Michele Johns Creates Custom Art Pieces from Photographs

A pretty common desire for my boudoir clients is to be able to display their gorgeous boudoir photographs on their walls. Although a lot of my clients are comfortable displaying their photographs for all to see, many of my clients expressed a desire for a more anonymous way to share their boudoir imagery.

The Day a Thought Became Reality I received a call from a woman asking me if I could create custom pieces of art for her home for a gift for her husband! They had purchased a painting from a world renown painter that they loved and her husband started telling her he wanted art pieces of HER on their walls.

I studied their favorite painter and many others to conceptually create custom pieces for her, of course I ultimately created them in my own style, keeping in mind what she loved about the paintings in her home already. We shot many poses, mostly nude, of her facing away (he loved her back) and I got to work creating custom art pieces for her.

The results were AWESOME and he was blown away. He called and asked if I would sign them! It was my first experience feeling like an ARTIST.

I had already been thinking about creating custom art pieces but this session was exactly what I needed to trust that I could do it.

Here is an example of one of her pieces:

Since her session in 2018, I have created hundreds of custom pieces for clients, art exhibits, art galleries, my website and my first retail location.

Here are a few more examples:

This piece below, named "Queen" was on display at the Core Art Gallery in the Art District of Denver, Colorado in January, 2020.

Below is a photo of my grand opening at my first retail space at the Emporium, Downtown Castle Rock, Colorado in June 2019.

Michele Johns Photography Retail Location, Colorado

Each piece originally starts as a photograph taken by Michele and is mastered by hand by using digital art technology.

If you are interested in having your own custom piece of art created, from a past photography boudoir session or a boudoir shoot in the future, or purchasing Fine Art Pieces for your home or office, please contact Michele Johns


Michele Johns is an award winning GLAMOUR BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER, Portrait and Headshot Artist.

Keep rocking your body confidence and if you ever want to amp things up, kick your body confidence into high gear or just plain want to LOVE YOUR BODY and have gorgeous photographs to look at to remind yourself that you are INCREDIBLE, then we should chat. Seriously. Tomorrow is coming whether you plan something fun or not. Michele

All text and images contained in this blog are copyright protected and using any part or images within is a violation of copyright. ©Michele Johns Photography

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