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Plan the most incredible gift to celebrate your Wedding Day!

The most amazing day of your life is booked and you have thought about everything, then you realize you haven’t thought about wedding gifts!

It's always a great idea to surprise your partner with a gift that they can open on the wedding day. A little private surprise before they see you looking absolutely stunning walking down the aisle.

How about a boudoir photograph of you, looking feminine, sexy and confident showcasing your womanly form, just for their eyes only!

Bridal Boudoir sessions include limited edition special albums, fresh roses for your shoot, complimentary photographs of your wedding keepsakes to use in your album, and many more personal touches!

Feel comfortable planning for your session with unlimited wardrobe planning. Learn what works best for YOUR body, shows off your best features and minimizes your least favorite features. (PS this information works beyond your session!)


Bridal Packages start at $697 and range to our most valuable package $2600. Packages include professional hair and makeup, your shoot, multiple wardrobe changes, digital photographs and albums.

Please inquire HERE to learn more and book your bridal shoot!

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