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Why choose a Boudoir Photo Shoot for Valentine’s Day

You might think it’s a little bit too early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day, but if a Boudoir Photo session is something you have thought about doing, then this is the perfect time to book in for your Valentine's photo shoot! You can be sure you have your photos ready for this special day. What a romantic way to surprise your significant other!

Forget the teddy bear holding a heart, give your partner something really special this year, that will be certain to take their breath away.

Not only is this a great gift for your special someone, but this is also an amazing experience for yourself, and what a way to start the New Year by giving yourself a boost of confidence, feeling sooooo sexy and step completely out of your comfort zone. (They say that’s where amazing things happen... outside of your comfort zone!)

I am here to help and coach you every single step of the way. I am only a phone call a way to answer any questions you have. I will go through the process step by step and help you to be fully prepared for this special moment. When the shoot is over, we will schedule your big reveal... this is THE day to see everything come together!

Below are just a couple of words from some amazing ladies…

Once you saw the images from your session, what was your reaction?  

“I cried. It was a powerful experience to see myself both in action through the moving video that Michele added to the still shots. I have never seen myself with professional hair and make up and I was just overwhelmed with a sense of Wow! I am beautiful.”

"Pure WOW! I am in awe of Michele’s talent."

'"Amazed, tears, could not believe it was me. I felt so beautiful."

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