Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Castle Rock, Colorado. Voted one of the best places in Colorado to live! We are located just minutes from the Outlets.

I love your work, but I can't get to Colorado. Do you travel?

Yes, I sure do! Please reach out to me to discuss further.

I am ready to have my own shoot, but wondering about retouching. Do you use Photoshop?

First, yay! And second, yes. Let me explain. I will retouch your skin, keeping it looking it's best and REAL. I will use Photoshop to smooth out fabric and straighten lines on your stockings, soften stretch marks or scars, for example. My goal is to show you at your best, altering your body as little as possible. Posing and lighting will have already made you look AMAZING. Lastly, I will adjust light, shadows and tones.

I am nervous about how much I'll need to invest, do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I know it's hard sometimes to spend money on ourselves, let's discuss payment options and make sure that money doesn't hold you back from this amazing experience!

Who is this Boudoir Experience for anyway?

EVERY WOMAN (over 21). By the way, you are not too anything.. not too old, too big or too small.

I don't own any lingerie, don't know where to shop or how to make a sexy face to save my life!?

Don't worry! Once you have officially booked your session, we will schedule your Personal Style & Wardrobe Planning Call and get started planning. I will share my Lingerie Guide with you, a Planning & Packing Guide and teach you what will work best for your body and session goals. PS - I also have an online Lingerie boutique full of goodies in all sizes, let's chat more about that too. As far as posing or sexy faces - that's where I come in and guide you into the best and most flattering poses for your body. I am totally your partner in this awesome experiene OF A LIFETIME.

Do you shoot couples boudoir?

At this time, we are offering couples boudoir sessions to returning boudoir clients only.

I saw you on Channel 9, Colorado & Company or Denver's Channel 7, Mile High Living, how can I learn more about your packages?

That is awesome! You can learn more about my packages by getting in touch with me.

I am a school teacher/high profile celebrity/active in my community, will my shoot be a secret?

As you can see from my style, my work is classic, timeless, beautiful and more about empowering women than sexualizing them. That being said, I understand if you need to keep your photographs private. I will NEVER share your photographs without your permission and do not send your images to be retouched by a retouching company. Your secret is safe with me!

My session photographs are meant to be a present for my special someone, what artwork do you offer that will make the best gift for them?

Wall art and albums. Albums are the best for displaying multiple photographs, great for your coffee table or night stand. Most of my clients also want to display at least one statement wall art piece for their bedroom, bathroom or walk in closet. Many have also hung one over the fireplace in the living room!

When can my session take place?

We schedule shoots Tuesday through Friday with some Saturday's available. We are closed on holidays and Sunday.

I have no idea where to start or how to prepare, can you help?

Yes! Let's chat! You can ask me all of your questions! And the questions you don't even know you have will be answered in your Welcome Email as soon as you book your session. It will cover how to prepare your mind, body and wardrobe for your photoshoot. I work really hard to give you an amazing experience, from start to art.

Your photographs are very classy, but what if I want to bare more?

Great question! In addition to what you see on my website and social channels, I also photograph implied nudes, tasteful nudes, exposed breasts and bums. I am firm on never photographing exposed pelvic areas, ever. It just isn't my style.

The women in your portfolio all look perfect, I am not a model, can I do this?

First, THANK YOU! That is a huge compliment to these women and to me... together we planned wardrobe and with expression and posing coaching, gorgeous lighting... they DO look incredible. They also FELT incredible. You will too! You do not have to know how to pose or worry about looking any sort of way! I will help you to look incredible, from your toes to your fingertips.

What does a package include? How much should I expect to spend?

Each package is thoughtfully created and offers a range of options. The boudoir booking retainer is $195 and reduces your session balance. Headshot session booking retainers vary.

When should I book my session?

Great question! In order to be thoughtful and prepared for your boudoir session, I do not book boudoir sessions with less than 14 days to plan. Most sessions are booked a month and a half in advance up to 6 months in advance.

Considering A Boudoir Experience?