Plan the most incredible gift to celebrate your Wedding Day!

The most amazing day of your life is booked and you have thought about everything, then you realize you haven’t thought about wedding gifts! It's always a great idea to surprise your partner with a gift that they can open on the wedding day. A little private surprise before they see you looking absolutely stunning walking down the aisle. How about a boudoir photograph of you, looking feminine, sexy and confident showcasing your womanly form, just for their eyes only! Bridal Boudoir sessions include limited edition special albums, fresh roses for your shoot, complimentary photographs of your wedding keepsakes to use in your album, and many more personal touches! Feel comfortable planning for

Body Artwork

This is an obvious statement, but I love artwork! Artwork can be in several forms... from a woman’s form & femininity in boudoir photographs, abstract fine art, artwork hanging on the walls to art painted on the body in the form of tattoos. This year I want to focus on artwork on the body. I am talking body pieces that are incredibly sexy, shows your personality and tells a thousand stories. (No offense, I love small tattoos too). A lot of women get tattoos because of special moments in their lives or experiences that have led them to choose a certain tattoo, so it has sentimental value. Society has changed so much with regards to women with tattoos and these days it is accepted and becomin

"Remove the layers of criticism and negative self talk... get out of your own way."

It is one thing for me to tell perspective clients about what having a boudoir session will be like, but it's something else to hear it in the words of someone who has experienced it. You will learn what motivated her to have a session, concerns she had and how it changed her life. Meet Miss Sunshine... What motivated you to pursue a boudoir session? Wow, so much! I’ve wanted to do something like this for years and had no idea that it was even called something! I always wanted to see what I look like done up with professional hair and make up. I also wanted to book the session to celebrate my body because I’ve recently gotten in better shape, healed mental blocks and lost weight. Another big

Why I shoot boudoir (Part 1)

This is going to be deeply personal. Like a lot of women, I grew up with the worst self confidence. It started with body shaming from a close family member. I remember at a young age having to do sit ups and run a mile before I could go play with my friends. THEIR fear of me being over weight was placed on me everyday. It wasn't long before I hated my body. I would sit in the bathtub and stare at my legs and cry while wishing they were thinner. I wasn't overweight, but in my mind I was. I stopped being able to see me for me. When I was 15 this family member taught me how to eat and "not gain any weight." I was literally taught how to be bulimic. That went on for me for years. That lifestyle


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