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I know it can be scary to book a Boudoir Photography Session. You have a million questions, yet don't really know what you should be asking. You want to make sure your boudoir photographer is reputable, makes you feel comfortable and that the studio is private and comfortable. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I started my journey photographing women because I wanted to exist in photographs looking my best. No double chin, tummy rolls or squished arms. I started studying how to pose the female body because I knew I wasn't the only woman who felt this way. I love to teach women how to be photographed better, not just for their boudoir shoot, so they can begin to love be

Top five questions I get asked before a boudoir photo shoot

I have compiled my top 5 most asked questions before a boudoir shoot. I also recorded a video if you would rather watch that, I'll post below. 1. I am not a model, can I have my own session? Absolutely, the women on my photo shoots are not models they are normal women just like you and I who basically had wardrobe coaching and I got to know what it was they loved about themselves and their favorite features and I make sure I bring that out in the wardrobe and posing and lighting 2. I have no idea how to plan, how can I pull this off? You can pull this off with my help. I have broken it down into steps to get the perfect session planned. We will have a wardrobe planning call where we can tal

Boudoir photographs are MORE than the perfect Valentines Gift

If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect Valentines gift to give your husband is a real struggle. What do you buy a man for Valentines Day? You can’t buy them chocolates, or a bunch of roses. They have it much easier buying for us women! Ha! There really is no gift your husband will love more than the gift of you…looking gorgeous and confident as a keepsake to last a lifetime. Not to mention the confidence that you will have from your own session. Valentines Day Gifts can become somewhat thoughtless. The gifts can be so expected and boring. Instead, what a thoughtful gift this year will be! Trust me, ladies…boudoir photographs are going to spice things up for both of you. For him,


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